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A few thoughts about the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club

Find out for yourself why our course is the ideal place for young and old to participate in sports together and overcome their differences.

The Schloss Elkofen Golf Club is a club without any outside management. The Club President is recruited from the club's own members and works in an honorary capacity. The club's main concept and guideline is to create an environment in which young and old alike can play golf together, have interesting and relaxed conversations on and off the course, and enjoy social get-togethers as well.

The entire team is committed to achieving a perfectly maintained course surrounded by an attractive ambience and a friendly and a pleasant atmosphere that can be felt everywhere you turn. Their prizewinning work with children and youths confirms the fact that our club also is an ideal contact point for golfing families.

The golf course is located only about 30 minutes southeast of Munich. Its moraine landscape, which is typical of Upper Bavaria, permits varied fairways whose hilltops repeatedly afford players views of a stunning chain of Alpine peaks. Spacious greens, tricky obstacles and water hazards, an old tree population, and meticulous course maintenance characterize the course's spacious fairways. A modern restaurant with fresh regional cuisine surrounded by a sun terrace and beer garden invite you to linger here after you've finished playing your round.

The club is located in the village of Unterelkofen near Schloss Elkofen, which is one of the best preserved castles in Upper Bavaria and is still both maintained and inhabited by the Rechberg-Rothenlöwen family.

The Schloss Elkofen Golf Club was founded in 1982 and the lease agreement for its site was signed by its first President, Dr. Fritz Adler, and Albrecht Graf Rechberg. The first 9-hole course, designed by golf course architect Donald Harradine, was opened in 1987. In the year 2000, Club President Ewald R. Hoffmeister opened the 9-hole extension to the 18-hole course. During the Club Presidency of Dr. Wolfgang Thurow, the driving range was extended from 2001 to 2006 and the clubhouse terrace was enlarged. One milestone achieved under the management of the Club President, Helmut Hampel, was the completion of our full renovation of the clubhouse in 2012, including a spacious restaurant area and modern locker rooms and sanitary facilities.

Honorary club membership was awarded to Werner Utz in 2013 and to Helmut Hampel in 2019 in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

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