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You already sense the pleasant atmosphere while driving to the clubhouse, past the paddocks, fruit trees, and putting green, and feel warmly received by the entire Schloss Elkofen Golf Club team. An attractive 18-hole course, spacious practice facilities, short walking distances, a harmonious atmosphere ... all this and much more characterizes the club course.

We're here to serve you and make your stay as pleasant as possible. But don't take our word for it - convince yourself.

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18-hole course

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Varied fairways follow the rhythm of the terrain, embedded in a typically Upper Bavarian moraine landscape. The hilltops often afford a splendid view of the mountains. Obstacles and ponds line the fairways. The spacious greens and careful maintenance of the course are exemplary. With their old stock of trees, the fairways of the front nine holes create a park landscape which then gradually gives way to a vast spaciousness. The 185-acre golf course is bounded by woods at its western and northern limits.

Overview of the Schloss Elkofen golf course

You can find out everything you need to know about each individual fairway at the click of a button.

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