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Where is Schloss Elkofen actually located?

Schloss Elkofen is one of the best preserved castles in Upper Bavaria and is located in the neighboring village of Unterelkofen. The castle is still inhabited by the Rechberg-Rothenlöwen family, who were its owners from 1664 to 1732 and later re-acquired title to it in 1871.

How is the Golf Club managed?

The Schloss Elkofen Golf Club is represented by a board of directors which is comprised of members of the club who have been elected to the board. The members of the board are elected at the ordinary general meeting; all representatives work in an honorary capacity and without pay.

What’s the easiest way for me to get started with golf?

Register for a trial course at our club (duration: approx. 2 hours) and acquaint yourself with the fascination of golf.

How can I benefit from the DGV license to play German golf courses?

If you successfully pass the final examination for the DGV license to play German golf courses administered by one of our teaching pros, you will obtain general permission to play a round of golf either on our 18-hole course or somewhere else. In addition to the DGV license to play German golf courses, membership in a golf club generally is a prerequisite for being permitted to play golf on most German golf courses. Our secretariat will be glad to inform you about the many different membership models offered by the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club.

What equipment do I need to start my golf career?

Sportive clothing and a good mood are enough for starters; the Golf Club will provide you with clubs and any other equipment you need.

Is there a handicap limit for weekend guests?

No, the only requirement other than your license to play is that you play at a brisk pace and do not hold up any of the following flights.

Is it possible for members of the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club to play on the courses of other clubs at reduced prices?

Yes, the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club has a number of cooperation partners who have concluded a mutual agreement with us on granting each other’s members playing rights at reduced prices.

Does the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club have cooperations with other sports clubs?

Yes, as a member of the Urban Sports Club, which is the largest sports network for companies and multisport enthusiasts, as well as Lime Sports GmbH, the new.generation golf community, you can register via a digitalized check-in process using an app which entitles you to use all of the practice facilities on our golf course. Come – Check in – Get started.

Is there a birdie book for the Schloss Elkofen Golf Course?

Yes, a new birdie book was prepared with the help of numerous sponsors in 2018.

How many electric carts are available on the course?

A total of 10 carts are available for your round. We recommend that you make an advance reservation for a cart when booking your start time.

Does the golf club meet all of the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Yes, a work group formed from persons who are active for the golf club intensively dealt with all topics connected with the new GDPR. The club also uses the services of an external data protection officer who supports and monitors its compliance with the provisions of this regulation.

What support will I receive as a new member of the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club?

New members are given a briefing on the course and the buildings. The Elkofen Golf Club Board of Directors then welcome all new members at a welcoming breakfast, after which they all join in for a round of golf. The club’s teams and playing groups are always pleased to accept new members in their ranks. And of course, all of the club staff will be glad to answer any questions new members may have.

Can I park my camper van on the parking lot of the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club overnight?

The golf club parking area has ample parking space for your camper van if you want to park it there overnight. Beginning in the 2020 playing season, a power connection also will be available for this purpose (€15.00 per night). You also can find us at stellplatz.info, roadsurfer, golf-genuss-mobil and park4night. The use of a camper van parking space is limited to parties who have paid at least one green fee. Our secretariat will be glad to accept reservations for camper van parking spots.

Can I purchase beverages while playing even when the catering service is closed?

Yes, you are always welcome to purchase beverages at our secretariat during their opening hours. In addition, there is a drinking water dispenser at the halfway hut between the tees of fairways 11 and 15.

What practice facilities does the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club offer?

You can improve your golf game at the covered driving range, in a spacious pitching area with 2 practice bunkers, or on the putting green below the clubhouse terrace.

Is there a charging station for e-bikes or electric cars?

Yes, since August 2020 two charging points are available for our guests and members for their electric cars.

Is it permissible to take dogs along to the golf course?

Yes, all guest players and members of the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club are allowed to take their dogs along with them to the golf course when playing a round of golf, provided that certain rules are followed.

Can I sponsor my own tournament or an event day at the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club with my company or privately?

Yes, all of us at the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club would be very glad to support you in planning and holding your own event.

Can gift vouchers be purchased for green fees or trial courses?

Yes, gift vouchers are available. Please contact our secretariat or visit our LoKaGo E-Shop to purchase them.

Can I find Schloss Elkofen Golf Club in social media?

Yes, the golf club is represented on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Visit us there!

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