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Please find all important information and news about the Schloss Elkofen Golf Club. The single posts are currently available only in German. If you have a specific requirement for a translation, we will be glad to supply you with one on request.


All tournaments you can find on our infoboard

  • Münchner Kreis Trophy - FinaleDate 24/09/2022Note Race to Schloss Elkofen
  • Münchner Kreis TrophyDate 03/09/2022Note Race to Schloss Elkofen
  • ViererclubmeisterschaftDate 30/09/2022Note
  • Rosenheimer GolfwocheDate 27/09/2022Note
  • ClubmeisterschaftDate 09/07/2022Note
  • DateTitleNote
  • 24/09/2022Münchner Kreis Trophy - FinaleRace to Schloss Elkofen
  • 03/09/2022Münchner Kreis TrophyRace to Schloss Elkofen
  • 30/09/2022Viererclubmeisterschaft
  • 27/09/2022Rosenheimer Golfwoche
  • 09/07/2022Clubmeisterschaft